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Water treatment


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Water is life. It’s now time for the program water is life. We usually harvest rain water, fetch water from the wells, taps and we use it in our homes. We have an expert today who will teach us on how to treat our water so that we are not affected and he is Mr. Sammy mwandua from the ministry of public health am phoebe mutua, welcome.

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Dear listener, my name is Sammy mwandua in charge of public health in Nthongoni. Treating water is good. Many people drink water which is untreated and it is dangerous for their health. The method of applying water guard is not the only way to treat water but also boiling water helps very much because boiled water and treated water is fit for one to drink for the health fitness of the person. For you to treat water you need a clean sufuria or a clean pot where you pour water and you boil for twenty to twenty five minutes and after boiling the germs in it will die and therefore the water will be clean.  Many people say that when you boil water it will have no taste. When you look at boiling water, you will see the water will be releasing vapor. Which indicates there air escaping  and that can make it change its taste, but  when you let it cool down, it in turn re-gains its air and the water becomes cold and it regains its taste as before. Many people think that tap water or rainwater or well water is the best water ever which should not be boiled nor treated, but that is not the case. Rainwater gets its way through the iron sheets where there is dust, the dust contains all kinds of germs like those for T.B, Cholera and the water drains in the tank, where the tank is unwashed, the unwashed tank has dirt so all the water should be boiled and should be treated. When you drink rain water, the rainwater passes through the dust found between the iron sheets and the sky, between the iron sheets and the tank there is also dust and there are other things like: lizard`s stools and many others. All these can affect the person takes it, many times when it rains, there are many eye diseases for instance when you wash your face with untreated water it is likely the eye diseases and that’s why in rainy season we get many cases of eye infections


That marks the end of today’s program, I will now take you back to our live studio am phoebe Mutua and the technical operator is Dominic Mutua. Bye, Bye.

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