17 chiefs interdicted on illicit brew drive

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Nyeri, Saturday May, 26, 2018

Central Regional Commissioner Wilson Njega has confirmed the interdiction of 17 chiefs in Central Region for various reasons.

Njega said that some of those interdicted have been colluding with illicit Brewers, others have been consuming the brew while yet others have been found to be non-performers.

Three of the chiefs are from Nyeri Central, three from Kiambu, seven from Nyandarua and four from Muranga.

The Commissioner regretted that the administrators have been alerting the brewers to help them escape when there is a crackdown.

He was speaking at Chaka, Nyeri central yesterday where he said that over 900 litres of kangara and 20litres of chang’aa were destroyed.

He also added that 100,000 litres have so far been destroyed since the crackdown began.

Njega promised instant promotion for chiefs who have completely wiped the illegal substance in their jurisdiction.

The Commissioner also confirmed that 345 people had so far been arrested and charged with contravening various provision s of alcoholic drinks control act.

He said that the crackdown will continue despite the 100 days rapid resource initiative having elapsed.

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