Government urged to employ youth in tree planting programmes

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Nakuru: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The government has been urged to institute a tree planting programme for the jobless youths in the country.

The Chairman of People’s Watch Lobby Group, Jesse Karanja, said the problem in the country was not the lack of trees for planting but the absence of people to nurture them to maturity.

He said the country has the capacity of paying each jobless youth at least a minimum of Sh.5, 000 monthly for nurturing 50,000 trees to maturity.

He gave the example of the innovative and successful shamba- system in the country, which grew the current forests, and said there was a lot to learn from it.

“Encouraging people to plant trees every rainy season is good, but by now the government should have realized that it does not work, and those who plant end up losing half of the trees because they don’t have time to nurture them to maturity,” said Karanja.

Speaking during a press conference in the town, he appealed to the government to appreciate that planting and rearing of trees was a full-time job, which should not be left to people who are preoccupied by other issues.

He said only those who have nurtured trees have the capacity to comprehend their importance to protect them.

He praised the government for the ban on logging and suggested that the country should consider reducing the usage of timber, especially in construction, which ends up consuming a lot of forest trees.

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