Kitui County Government Initiates Induction for Chief Officers

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018: Kitui County: By Philip Muteti

The County Government of Kitui today begun a four-day induction program for both Executive Commitee Members and the newly appointed Chief Officers.

The induction program held at a Kitui Hotel targets to sensitize the officials on the operations of the various County Government departments to enhance efficiency in service delivery.

Addressing the team, Governor Charity Ngilu called upon them and other staff to offer self-less service to the residents in their areas of operation.

“Service delivery is more of a commitment than just employment. With full understanding of what the public needs, coupled with cooperation among various stakeholders, we can realize progress and development for our people”, she said.

She said that Induction of government officers is key to attaining an effective, cohesive and efficient public service.

She added that her government is committed to promote use of locally available resources in the cottage industries already in the pipeline so as to add value to Kitui products.

The Governor said promotion and consumption of locally produced goods and services will be the hallmark of her leadership.

Also present was Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau.

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