All Governor Ngilu’s nominees approved

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Kitui County: April 5 2018: By Philip Muteti

Kiťui county Assembly has today approved the following nominees by Governor Kaluki Ngilu for appointment as Chief Officers

1. Mr. James songolo – department of Agriculture & livestock development
2. Mr. Joseph Kimanga – department of water and irrigation

Ministry of Enviroment and natural resources
Chief officer – Benjamin Kioko Kiilu

Ministry of health and sanitation
Chief officer – Dr Richard Mukula Muthoka

Ministry of Education and Youth Development Agnetta Mwikali and Geoffrey Changangu

County Treasury, Justus Kalii Makau and Enoch Nguthu Mr. Godfrey Kimanzi Zakayo From Kitui Rural Constituency

Chief officer – Tourism, sports and culture

County chief officers in the office of the Governor
1. Clement Mulyungi &
2. Agnes Mulewa

Christopher syengo
Liud – Approved For Trade.

The Assembly has adopted the letters for assembly records.

It is recommended that Margaret, who is not well will be vetted when she’s back and in good health.

The approved list now will be send back to the office of Governor for the final step.

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