KRA arrests 2 over Sh7bn fraud scheme

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Two traders are set to be arraigned in court to face charges over plot to defraud the taxman more than Sh7 billion.

According to reports in, the traders, Kevalkumar Navin Maisura and Ms Arti Jagdiesh Bakrania, were arrested on Wednesday by officers from Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) Investigations and Enforcement Department. Several documents and items, including electronic devices and ten ETR machines, were confiscated after the KRA officers raided their homes.

The two, who had been under surveillance for a while, risk being jailed for up to 10 years or a fine of double the taxes evaded should they be found guilty.

KRA officers alleged the traders registered more than nine business names and could have made fictitious invoicing in excess of Ksh15,369,511,856.

They are suspected to have defrauded or aided in defrauding the government approximately Sh2,459,121,896 in Value Added Tax and a further Sh4,610,853,556.80 in income taxes.

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