Deputy Governor distributes 17,595 chicken to support poultry farmers of Makueni County

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The Makueni County government on Thursday 30/3/2018
distributed 17,595 chicken to five wards in the county to support poultry farming initiative.

Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau who led the government officials in the distribution said Kalawa, Makindu, Mbitini, Mtito Andei and Tulimani wards are among the beneficiaries of the ministry of agriculture’s poultry farming initiative.

She said the project is being supported by the government following a request made during the 2017-2018 public participation where the people from those wards asked for government support.

The DG said the government has also shared out 649 cool boxes to enable the farmers store poultry vaccines.

Kalawa ward received 5,130 of all the chicken distributed and 255 cool boxes while Makindu ward got 4,250 birds and 80 cool boxes.

The government will distribute 3,315 birds and 158 boxes to Mbitini while Mtito Andei will get 2,800 birds and 30 cool boxes. Tulimani ward will get 2,100 birds with 126 cool boxes.

The project will mostly benefit women and youth groups as well as people living with disability.

DG Mwau said that the County began investing in poultry development at the inception of devolution, adding that farmers have been accessing high quality breeds for upgrading.

She noted that over 22,000 kalro improved chicks have been distributed so far.

The DG also revealed that disease control has been managed with proper vaccines made available and intensified training of farmers.

“Women control and contribute significantly to the income and the well-being of the society, they need to be supported with programmes that touch on their lives on a day today basis,”Mwau said.

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