I was drugged before deportation to Dubai, claims Miguna

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Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna claims he was “dragged, assaulted and drugged” before he was ejected from the country on Thursday night.

In a message shared via his social media accounts, Miguna says that when he regained consciousness he found himself in Dubai in pain and sickly.

“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai. I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London. I’m sick. I need medical treatment. A Mr. Njihia is threatening me. I need urgent help here. I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else, ” reads the post.

“I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice!” he posted.

Speaking to Citizen TV on phone, Miguna’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta claimed that his client was injected through his rib and wrist before being put on a flight.

Mr. Ombeta, however, said that Miguna had been taken for treatment by officials from the Canadian High Commission in Dubai where he was deported.

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