Kitui County gets Kshs. 865.2 Million to fund Kitui Forward Sasa strategy

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Kitui County government has received its equitable share of Kshs. 865.2 Million to fund various development projects, the County Treasury Executive Ms. Mary Nguli said today.

Ms. Nguli, in a statement to the Governor’s Press Service, said the money was released last Friday and will be used to fund the county’s programme passed in the second supplementary budget. The programme slated to benefit from the funding cuts through all ministries with the majority projects being under the Health, Water and infrastructure sectors.

Also to benefit from the money is the pro-poor programme and various value addition FN that will breathe life into the milk processing and soap making industries under the Trade Docket.

The minister also confirmed that budget implementation is firmly on track despite earlier challenges of delays in release of funds and a slow budgetary approval process.

“Everything is moving right through the guidance of our Governor, Madam Kaluki Ngilu” she assured the press.

“All approved projects are being fast tracked while at the same time ensuring that efficiency and quality is upheld” said Ms. Nguli.

To ensure faster absorption of funds and enhance service delivery, the County Treasury boss has directed Ministries to form Budget Implementation Committee’s (BICs).

“The Governor is keen on ensuring that the county gets value for money for all the programme it implements and hence we must get it done right from the beginning”, said Nguli.

Nguli has vowed to ensure full implementation of the promises the Governor made to the people of Kitui under her five- pillar Manifesto of Food and Water, Healthcare, Education and Youth Development, Women Empowerment and Wealth Creation.

“This will be done with full accountability to the people of Kitui since these resources belonged to them”, she said, adding; “Public resources are for the people and we must account for them to the people, not just to the Auditor”.

The CEC said her efforts will be geared at saving every possible coin and then re-direct it for development purposes for the good of Kitui County

Kitui County Governor Madam Charity Kaluki Ngilu has vowed to create jobs for her people by enabling them to produce processed goods locally and cut off reliance from items made outside the county that can be made in Kitui.

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